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Monday, 03 August 2020 11:11

Super Powers

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I’m all about celebrating every single skill we learn, every single change we make, every single little ‘aha’ moment or thought on this journey. And we can take ourselves lightly while we do it.

We are always increasing our awareness of the things we say to ourselves and the habits of response we have to people and situations. As our awareness increases, we tend to change those habits of response. We change the internal dialog to more compassionate and caring self-talk.

These are our super powers! So let’s celebrate the improvements. Put a dime/quarter/dollar in a jar for every time you find yourself using your superpowers. Take yourself out to the movies once a month. Or make a mark on your kitchen calendar or in your electronic calendar and give yourself a blue ribbon for every 10 marks. Don’t forget to give yourself a reward for noticing your superpowers and tracking them!

We can incorporate a gratitude practice. Each time we notice we are using a super power, we can be thankful that we are learning to treating ourselves so well.

We can incorporate a release practice into this. When we realize we are no longer using a particular phrase or word, we can write down that particular phrase, put it in an ash tray or safe container, give thanks for what it taught us, and burn it up and send it on its way because we no longer need it. We’ve developed a super power that serves us so much better.

It’s okay to celebrate with food. Often an edible treat is exactly the celebration that suits us best. It’s a good idea to also find as many non-food rewards as we can. We will dive a little deeper into different types of reward in future blogs. Just have fun developing your super powers and make sure you give yourself a little party when you get good at them!

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