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Monday, 23 November 2020 11:11

Everything is Possible

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We’ve all heard the saying, ‘anything is possible.’ Usually, this phrase is used to instill a sense of hope and to provide a glimpse of wonderful things that might happen. Too often, I think our inner skeptic hears the phrase as a double-edged sword. We think, “Sure, anything good is possible, but it’s also possible that everything can fall apart, and isn’t that what happens to me more often than not?”

My motto is a little different and it’s designed to silence my inner skeptic by challenging her to put her money where her mouth is. In my world, everything is possible. When I say it this way, it’s not just a hope that wonderful things will come my way, but a challenge to myself to make wonderful things happen! It’s a way of saying, “Prove me wrong. See if you can!”

When I say everything is possible it expands the possibilities and reduces the limitations. Immediately I begin to visualize bigger and better circumstances that I ever imagined before. I begin to allow for the possibility of something huge, happy, and awesome to occur in my life. If I can’t imagine it happening to me, then for sure it never will. But if I can imagine this wonderful thing being mine, if I can visualize it happening to me, then I have opened the door for it and I am making it welcome to walk on through.

Is this magic? Is it wishful thinking? Am I a wide-eyed optimist with no basis in reality? The answers are yes and no! Yes, it feels like magic, but it isn’t. No, it’s not wishful thinking when it’s backed up by practical actions and experience. Yes, I am a died-in-the-wool, wide-eyed optimist, but I have a basis in reality. My life is full of examples, but I’ll pick just one to illustrate what I mean.

At the end of 2005, I was living in Ohio and I came to a mutual parting of the ways with my employer. I started doing some independent contract work but it was in an industry that was being hard hit by the economy, so I was never sure from month to month if I would make my bills. I had purchased a house 3 years previously and it was draining me financially with upkeep. A long time prior to this, my sister who lived in California said if she ever retired, she would come back to Ohio to be near her grandchildren. That year, her husband passed away and we started talking about the possibility of her moving back to live with me and share expenses. It seemed a no-brainer to me that the cost of living had to be easier in Ohio and that she would move in with me.

Somewhere in our discussions, she said, “You know, you could move to California.” That stopped me in my tracks! I tried so say, “No I couldn’t,” but all that came out was, “I don’t know….” I had never lived anywhere but Ohio and West Virginia. The Midwest was all I knew. She planted the seed with that one suggestion and my mind burst open with new and different possibilities! Could I afford to live in California? Would I like the climate? Could I live with my sister? Did I want to move away from everything familiar and from the friends I was so close to? What would it take to make this decision?

My sister and I spent a year talking it through, making plans and contingency plans. Eventually I moved to California and since being here even more new and wonderful ideas and possibilities have expanded my thoughts and my world. When my granddaughter was 14 she came out for a visit. I took her to one of the highest places overlooking all of San Diego and turned her around in a full circle. That’s when I told her, it’s not just that anything is possible, but that everything is possible. I went from a small world, barely making it, one month away form being homeless, to living my best life, with a job I loved, meeting people I love just as much as the ones I’m still connected to in the Midwest. I wanted her to have a larger idea of what her life could be.

What does this have to do with weight management? EVERYTHING! When we have a new idea of what our bodies can be, and when we believe it is possible, we open the door to make that body welcome. Instead of being locked into the familiar patterns of our current lives, we suddenly get an insight into a wonderful new way of being. And we know that new way of being is possible because we’ve learned to trust ourselves and listen to our intuitions. We know how to make informed choices that bring joy to our lives. We have developed the confidence to do anything we set our minds to. So, a new and unfamiliar idea doesn’t intimidate us anymore. We feel a confident excitement that the changes necessary are within our power to make.

Plus, we’ve been having the internal and external conversations that support us and cheer us on to new heights! This is exactly the time to have a new vision of what can be! We challenge ourselves to prove that whatever we can imagine, we can achieve. It is all possible because we have within us everything we need to succeed. This is one of those times when we cannot get it wrong.

What’s your new and exciting possibility? Is it paying for a food service to provide your meals? Is it taking on an exercise routine you never thought you could do? Is it making your meal plan a week in advance? Is it loving your body just the way it is? Is it recognizing how beautiful you are at any size, shape or age? What is it that stretches your imagination and fills you with energy at the thought of achieving it?

Another old cliché says, “if nothing changes, nothing changes.” If we don’t change our thinking, we don’t change our actions. We learned to trust ourselves, we found our confidence, and we learned how to talk to ourselves while we were stuck in the routine of the “same old same old” where our actions were concerned. It’s time to open the door, welcome something new, and use those skills to make things happen. From a place of self-confidence and self-trust, everything is not only possible, it’s probable.

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