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Monday, 19 April 2021 11:11

Ongoing Challenges

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It’s easy enough to talk about one-time challenges that come up for us. What do we do if the challenge is a daily situation or is a person we love and care about? Those are a little harder because we can’t just make a contingency plan, deal with it once, and get past it. How do we meet these ongoing challenges and still stay true to our goals, desires, and core values?

Monday, 12 April 2021 11:11

Life Happens

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I’ll admit it, I’m an eternal optimist! I always expect things to work out well and to go smoothly. This attitude serves me well because the more I expect good things to happen, the more often good things show up in my life. That’s not to say I never face a challenge or hit a bump in the road. Of course I do, because life happens! Not everything in this life is in my control. Laws change, pandemics hit, people move away or pass away, the economy tanks, I keep getting older. I’m not sure how that last one happens so fast, but there it is.

Monday, 05 April 2021 11:11

What’s So Challenging?

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There’s nothing difficult about understanding the basic weight formula: to lose weight, we need to use up more calories than we take in; to gain weight we need to take in more calories than we use up. And, although there are many different opinions about which calories are better for us than others, there’s really nothing difficult about choosing a food plan that suits us and our lifestyle. The same goes with the many different types of activity that might be best for our bodies. We can choose the ones that suit us and that we like the most. So, what’s at the heart of the challenge we feel when it comes to actually taking the necessary steps to add or lose those pounds?

Monday, 29 March 2021 11:11

Main Meal Musings - 2

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When I first started blogging in 2013, I had not yet published my book, “The Main Meal: The New Perspective on Weight Loss.” The book had been in various stages of writing for many years by then, but once I made the commitment to finish and publish it, I began to blog about what the Main Meal of life meant to me. Those early blogs are no longer available on the internet, so I’ve decided to offer them here 3 or 4 times a year. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed the writing.

Monday, 22 March 2021 11:11

This is Starting to Feel Good!

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By its very nature, any change we decide to make takes us out of our comfort zone. The status quo, how things are, how things have always been, is always easier and more comfortable than stepping into a ‘this is different’ zone. The thing we’re trying to change may not even be something that feels wrong. It may not feel like it’s going to be hard to do. The fact is, just because it’s a change, it’s always different from what we’ve been doing. So, we take those first steps. Then we forget to keep taking them for a while and we start over again. We get a little farther along and then something comes along to side-track us. So, we start again and again and again. We get a little farther each time. We find out what parts of our plan work best for us and maybe what doesn’t work for us. We adjust and start again.

Monday, 15 March 2021 11:11

Getting My Feet Wet

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In the past two blogs related to change, we spent time thinking about changing until we got ourselves fully on board with it. We allowed ourselves time to get used to the idea that we might want to change and to explore the reasons why making a change would benefit us. Then we took a good hard look at ourselves, our current habits, our environment, and our social structure in order to make a plan that will fit our needs and our desires. We want to feel normal as we are changing. That’s not to say we want to feel the same. Of course we want to feel better, but we also want to feel normal in the sense that we don’t feel like we’re in a totally different, unfamiliar universe. We don’t want to feel like our entire world has been turned upside down, so we make plans that set us up for success and that keep us excited for this new adventure we’re on.

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