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Group Support

Group meetings follow a theme each month with a different topic on that theme each week. The topics are designed to get participants to think about themselves, their weight, their lives, and about food and exercise differently.

An idea is presented and then by asking questions or working through and exercise, group members are encouraged to share feelings, ideas, insights, current and past habits, etc.

Individual Support

Mindful Weight Coaching follows the general themes and topics included in my book and in group sessions, however it is customized to each individual.

How long we stay on a topic, how deep the person goes, what order we take the topics in can be much more tailored to fit the specifics of a person’s journey and experience.

Mindful Weight Coaching
Special Events
LIVE & online

From time to time we'll offer special events - such as our wellness fair, one day workshops, in-person classes in San Diego and online webinars.

These special events will help you gain a greater sense of joy and confidence. We are actively seeking out new collaborations with people across the wellness community. We also invite your suggestions and want to know what you would find helpful!

Online Learning

Our Basic Class is experienced live online and we record the sessions so you can access the material at your convenience. The topics follow the chapters in The Main Meal, and provide a practical application of how to incorporate the ideas and procedures in your daily life.

Each class includes group exercises, group discussion, and homework. The class is designed to be a deeper exploration of our habits of thought and action, with ways to transform limiting habits into more joyful, affirmative self-action.

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Would you like support to keep you motivated on your journey to the perfect weight? Would you like to feel confident that you can reach and maintain your weight goal?

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