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Have you tried every diet known to man? Or maybe just one diet over and over again?

Do you have trouble staying motivated? Do you need some accountability?

Are you afraid of letting yourself down? Or of failing…again?

A ‘yes’ answer to any one of these questions means you’re looking for something different this time!

If you are seeking focus, strategies and motivation; if you ask ‘how to’ questions rather than ‘why questions;’ then Mindful Weight Coaching is for you!

As your Certified Mindful Coach, I will partner with you to help you:

  • Identify, prioritize, and implement choices
  • Look for external solutions to internal blocks
  • Focus on actions, the present, the future, and on commitments

I believe that you are whole, creative, and resourceful. With your permission, I will be bold and honest while letting you lead and set the pace of your own progress.

To see if Mindful Weight Coaching is for you, set up a Complimentary Strategy Session today.

All sessions can be done in person in San Diego (social distancing measures maintained) or by phone or Zoom.


1.) Complimentary Strategy Session – 90 minutes, no charge!

The Complimentary Strategy Session is strongly recommended before purchasing your first coaching package.

In our Strategy Session, I’ll give you more detail as to what’s involved in, we’ll do a short coaching session, and determine whether this is exactly what you’re looking for.

Schedule your Complimentary Session NOW!

2.) Your First Month's Coaching

The initial month's coaching investment includes:

  • $150.00 - Discovery Session – 90 minutes
  • $350.00 - 4 sessions, 30 minutes each
Enroll for your Discovery Session HERE!

3.) Your Subsequent Month's Coaching

The on-going month's coaching investment includes:

  • $350.00 - 4 sessions, 30 minutes each
1 month 2 month 3 month

All sessions can be done in person in San Diego (social distancing measures maintained) or by phone or Zoom.

"Betty was very good at holding space for me to discuss what I needed to discuss. She was also very good at reflective listening and helping me hear what I said so I could hear my own words and see how they resonated with me."
Frantz F.
Frantz F.
San Diego, CA

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